Blog? I don’t know how to blog.

It’s true. I totally don’t.

Over the years I’ve kept online journals of sorts. Never with anything important to say or share. Quickly forgotten. I’ll try to be better, I promise.

And, because I have no idea what I’m doing, I’ll just jump right into it! I have a new release with Evernight Publishing coming out this Thursday, May 5th that I cannot wait for you to read. I hope that you enjoy the gorgeous cover and teaser posted below!


I dug my nails into his ass and he tensed—everywhere. A groan left my throat, muffled of course, but it didn’t matter if he heard it. I knew he could sure as hell feel it. I could feel him swell somehow even bigger in my mouth, grow even harder.

“I’m cl—I’m close,” he stuttered, and goddamnit, the rasp of his voice had my hand diving straight down the front of my panties, unable to wait one second longer for relief. I watched his eyes widen just before he choked out an, “I’m about to come”.

I raised an eyebrow and kept up the same rhythm as I pushed my chest out farther in a silent question about exactly where he planned on coming. When I felt the first hot spurts of him hit the back of my throat, I had my answer. I swallowed around him, getting perverse satisfaction over his chants of oh fuck, oh fuck until I slipped him from my mouth. I placed a tiny kiss on his head before I leaned back onto my heels with my hand still working itself in my panties.

If I’d thought he’d need a second to recoup, to pull himself together, I would have been dead wrong.

Jesus Fuck. The boy had my panties ripped off of me and had his head between my legs before I could even blink. He used his thumbs to spread me open and licked me from back to front in a way that had me choking on my gasp. There was no sweet, slow build up, no teasing, but it wasn’t needed when I’d worked myself into a damn frenzy just by having his cock sliding in and out of my mouth. I doubted his cum had even cooled on the back of my throat by the time I felt the first waves of my orgasm wash over me. He circled my clit with his tongue, sucking it hard between his lips and I fell over the edge completely, my legs clamping around his head and my hand pulling roughly at his hair.

Even if he hadn’t told me earlier, I’d have known immediately Mia’s co-worker had lied to me about them hooking up. Like, straight up lied her ass off. Cash made me come so fast and so hard I was still seeing stars when he lifted me, boneless and practically melted in a puddle of goo, from the floor and laid me in the middle of his bed.

I barely came down from my high long enough to admire the way his arms looked while holding up my weight.

That was fine, though, because he was immediately hovering over me again, and I turned my head to the side and laid a kiss on the inside of his bicep.

“So, did my mouth live up to your expectations?” I asked, grinning up at him and trailing my fingers along the dips beside his hipbones. I was surprised when I moved lower, finding him already growing hard, and I tilted my hips to feel him there. “Dirty enough for you?”



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